Thursday, July 19, 2007

My First TIme

Blogging that is. My husband finally convinced me that it was time I started my own blog. This thanks to my friend Kristi who's blog I am reading and quite enjoy. I haven't decided even what I will say most of the time. It may become my soapbox for various issues and as those who know me well would testify, I am quite opinionated. Maybe it will become therapy [as my blog title suggests] since I may need some. I don't know how much of current life stories will be involved since I think my life is really rather boring and even a little depressing at the moment. Ok, maybe not boring. Life with 2 little kids is couldn't be boring.

Take right now for example. Lili is having a temper tantrum even as we speak. I thought it would be great today if she took a nap. She hardly ever takes one except maybe sometimes in the car. I finally got her to go to sleep and after an hour and a half of glorious silence she awoke crying and hasn't stopped. So is taking a nap good or not? I haven't decided. If she doesn't take one she is in a bad mood all afternoon and is mean and hits her little sister. If she does take a nap she wakes up in a terrible mood and basically has a meltdown for about a half hour after waking up. I think we'll stick with no nap and getting her to bed early. More free time for me.