Monday, December 10, 2007

Good Vibes

So I'm asking you all to send good vibes our way on Wednesday morning. Ivan has a HUGE interview with Sea Ray that morning so yes....we definitely need to good vibes! Thanks in advance for the vibes.


So the title of my blog may imply that we are lucky but actually, the opposite is true. If ever there was an unlucky couple it would be us. Especially when it comes to winning things. Sure we have had many an opportunity to win things. Ivan worked for a certain MLM company (which shall remain nameless) for 7 years. Thats 14 chances we had for winning one of the many great prizes given away during either the summer or Christmas parties. That a lot of chances people. DId we ever win? OK, once, but we were so poor and the prize was golf clubs which we would never use so we took them back to Costco to get the money so we could pay our rent. Not exactly what I would call an exciting win. Oh yeah, and I did win a Barbara Streisand CD from the radio but never got it because you had to go to the station to pick it up instead of them sending it to you which again is lame-o.

So fast forward to tonight. Ivan's work Christmas party. The company is small so we knew our chances were good. I mean, they had to be better odds than at Noni (woops). Sure enough all employees were assured a prize. There were plasma TVs, IPods, digital cameras, envelopes with cash and even a couple of scooters (the kind you ride on the road, not the kiddy versions). So the prizes were being handed out...."number 191" "Ahh...that's us" I was totally stoked. Would it be an IPod? Or some much needed Christmas cash?? We were handed our gift. It was wrapped and inside was .......was........was.......a silly little brain teaser game that probably came from the dollar store.

How disappointed could we be? I tried to smile but I wanted to cry instead. Indeed we're still on our unlucky streak. So after being disappointed for a while I have decided that we really didn't need any of that stuff. It's true. Where on earth would we have put a 42" plasma TV anyway? And an IPod? What's the use of one without a computer that works well enough to have ITunes? See, none of it really mattered. It's all just stuff. Stuff that we want usually because someone else has it. That's not what Christmas is about anyway. Right?

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brown Mouse Brown Mouse

Let it be known that I hate mice. I especially hate them in my house. A few weeks ago we had a visitor of the afore mentioned species. Sighting number 1 occurred after I had gone to bed and "I" was still up watching TV. He made mention of it to me the next morning and I wasn't very happy about it but I wasn't panicked either. After all, I had not seen the mouse.

Sighting #2 happened 2 days later on Sunday afternoon. Again, I was asleep, taking my much deserved Sunday nap. The mouse came out in pure daylight and skipped across the kitchen floor while Lili sat at the table having a snack and while Ivan watched from the living room. Again, I wasn't panicked because I had not seen the mouse.

Sighting #3, Monday morning, in my bedroom. I saw the mouse run out from under my bed and then back under my bed and then back out and finally under my bed again. This time I panicked. I screamed, I wailed, I cried hysterically and then I set out to the store to buy every kind of mouse trap I could find.

What I probably looked like when I saw the mouse!

That evening after setting the traps we went out to get our final defense in the fight against the mouse: a relative's cat. Accept when we got home this is what we found:

I really wish he would've gotten caught in the other trap instead of us having to get rid of him alive. Poor thing. I hope he passed on peacefully inside of his plastic bag in the dumpster. RIP little mouse.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Treats

Just wanted to share something normal on my blog. Today we made a gingerbread house. Lili was insistent on us getting a kit and putting it together the second we got it home. So I put it together and Lili and Sofi decorated it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be taking on such a project with 2 little ones. Sofi only tried to eat the icing a few times and only took one gum ball off to eat. I'd say quite good indeed. At least she didn't try to eat the gingerbread. Here's a look at our creation.

It's a beauty isn't it??

Pet Peeve#541

Moms who make their kids pay for their own stuff at the store. In Utah this results in short-line deception. What you thought was one person in front of you in line has suddenly turned into six people. To make matters worse the younger five have a little difficulty counting out change so what you thought was going to be a 2 minute wait has now turned into 20. Believe me, I'm all for teaching kids about money and spending wisely yada yada yada.....but maybe we could do this on an individual basis or perhaps playing store at home might be an alternative. Better yet, just send your kid to the store by himself, I'm sure he'd learn then.

All I want for Christmas is...

I bet you thought I was going to say "my two front teeth" huh? Luckily I already have my two front teeth and plan on keeping them for quite a long time. If I do lose them however I'm sure you all will know about it since it would certainly be a traumatizing event! Really though folks, what I REALLY want for Christmas is a job. Ok, not a job for me but a job for my "I". A real job. A job that will pay our bills and allow us to have some fun because as you all know, No fun! The last 6 months or so have been quite an emotional roller coaster for us with high hopes and dashed dreams. Now we are at a high hopes cycle again. Ivan will fly out to Florida next week for a job interview with Sea Ray boats.

(Picture of where we could be living if we get this job!)

(Just a side note, I am secretly hoping that someone, the hiring manager perhaps, might google SEA RAY BOATS and happen upon my blog and then hire Ivan because he knows how much we really really really want this job. Did I mention that we really want this job?)

(Side note of side note: Doubt it will happen! [the googling part, not the hiring part. I still have high hopes for that])

I can just see it. Our little family living happily near the beach and spending our weekends at Disney World. What a life that would be. Ok, so I doubt that would happen either because who can really afford to go to Disney World every weekend? However no doubt that it would be quite the fun place to live. Of course you would all be invited (friends that is, no lurkers!) to visit us in order to fulfill your Disney World dream vacation that I know you are all dying for!

So Santa, if you're reading this please note that Job at Sea Ray is numero uno on my Christmas list this year.

p.s. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that girl lying on the beach in the picture isn't naked!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Funny kid!

Lili: Where are we going now mommy?
Me: To the craft store.
Lili: To the "crap" store?
Me: Uh....yeah...the crap store!