Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Things Kids Say

Our kids have not been exposed much to the opposite sex. Sure they have boys that they play with but since they don't have a brother they have never seen one... in the buff. Last summer we went to visit my sister who has a little boy Matthew who is about 2. He was in the habit of taking off his diaper and running around in his birthday suit while we were there. That was Lili's first real lesson in human anatomy. She never really made much mention of it. She just looked at him kind of funny and I told her that boys and girls are different. That was that and nothing more was said.

Last night she was in the bathroom washing her hands with daddy when she says: "I don't have a mustache." "Nope, you're right." says daddy. Lili: "I don't have something living in my bottom but Matthew does." So either she doesn't know how to describe what she saw or she actually thinks it's alive. I hope it is the former otherwise we could have a real problem on our hands.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Ode to Josh

Those of you who know me well know that I am a true blue fan of Josh Groban. I would even consider myself a Grobanite even though I have not paid the $40 fee to actually join the fan club since I have never felt rich enough to do so. Believe me, if I had the money to join I would. Only my dear hubby knows how disappointed I was to not be able to go to his concert over the summer. I even secretly cried about it. Again it was a money issue (I hate money sometimes, or not having it). The last concert I did attend was when I was pregnant with Lili and it was a Josh Groban concert. It was the best concert I've been to and well, I've been to a few in my day. I'm sure that if I were a teenager I would have Josh Groban posters pasted all over my bedroom. When I was barely pregnant with Lili Josh came out with his second album which I went to buy the morning of the day it came out. I listened to it hundreds of times during those nine months that Lili was in the womb. I would even put it in my CD player and blast it through the headphones placed on my belly just to see what baby's reaction was. The result? She loved it and was born a Josh Groban fan.

Yesterday while at Target I passed by the music section. I have known that Josh came out with a Christmas album which I have been highly anticipating. I have wanted to buy it since it came out but again, no money to blow on a CD. Plus I figured that at the time it was a little early to start listening to Christmas music, at least that's what I told myself to ease the pain of not being able to buy the CD. So yesterday I did it. I just couldn't wait any longer and since Halloween is now over I figure it's fair game for Christmas stuff. Even Lili was excited when she saw the CD. "Mommy, it's JOSH GROBAN." (said in a very excited fashion.) We put the CD in as soon as we got to the van. I turned it up as loud as Lili and Sofie would allow (they often complain about the music being too loud or not being able to hear it. kids.) . I was not disappointed in the least. What I had been longing for for years had finally come to pass. What is better than hearing your favorite music sung by your favorite singer? The first song on the album is Silent Night. I couldn't help but be moved to tears listening to his beautiful rendition. I know, I know, what is my problem? What is my infatuation with Josh? I'm not sure. I think it's just that I love music. I always have. It is what most speaks to my heart. I have music on all the time at home and in the car. And well, Josh has a beautiful voice and it makes me feel good when I listen to it. It soothes me and lifts my spirits. If nothing else I'm grateful that he was discovered and is able to share is gift with the world. I know that my world is a much better place with Josh's music in it.